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Learn BSL Online

Learn BSL Online has been providing classroom based British Sign Language courses since 2018. From day one we've been keen on bringing our courses to a wider online audience.

We now proudly offer 2 types of online sign language courses.  You can register on here and follow our video based Introduction to BSL Level 1 course or from our main site, you can join our live webinar based BSL courses.

What Our Students Have to Say

"Really enjoyed my course Really enjoyed my course, the teacher was amazing! Looking forward to taking this(BSL) further!"
BSL Level 1
"Excellent teacher. Great flexibility in making up lessons if you missed them."
BSL Level 1
"The course has been extremely enjoyable and worthwhile and I would definitely recommend SignSay."
BSL Level 1
"His training style makes the courses more enjoyable and motivates you to carry on to higher levels"
BSL Level 1